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The Real Euro 2012

May 10, 2012

Forget the football competition, the real Euro 2012 starts this weekend in Barcelona!  After four spectacular races the Formula 1 circus has arrived in Europe and, apart from a brief sojourn across the Atlantic to race in Canada, will be there for the next 3 months.

After a brief rest period, during which teams were able to apply some upgrades to their cars and test them out with a few laps around the Mugello circuit in Italy, the competition is set to return under the warm Catalan sun.  Ferrari fans, including myself, will be hoping to see the prancing horse back in its rightful place at the top of the podium with Spaniard Fernando Alonso raising a large trophy above his head for his home fans to see.  A sight like that would be made all the more glorious if he was flanked by Felipe Massa who is desperately looking for a return to form.

After the topsy-turvy start to the season that we have had it is impossible to make any worthwhile predictions about this weekend’s race.  Perhaps we will see a fifth winner in as many races.  Perhaps Kimi Raikkonen will prove that his return to F1 has been worth the effort.  Perhaps Michael Schumacher will finally get the elusive victory he has been searching for since his own return to a sport that many thought had run away from him.  What we can say for sure is that there are countless reasons to tune-in to the race this weekend.

While Barcelona is historically not a very exciting race, it is usually a good indicator of which cars have got the formula right for the rest of the season.  Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel will give everything they have got to prove that they are in the hunt for a third straight title.  McLaren-Mercedes will be looking to put one of their cars on the top of the podium for the second time this season and even the minnows such as Caterham will be aiming to get a grip onto the competitive midfield and thus drag themselves out of the teams that tend to languish at the rear of the pack.

I will be sitting down in front of my television at 14:00 this Sunday to watch the Barcelona Grand Prix and I suggest you do the same.  Contrary to popular belief Euro 2012 does not begin in Warsaw on the 8th of June, it begins in Barcelona when the light go out this Sunday and it promises to be a cracker!

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