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Is It Worth It?

April 20, 2012

The 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix weekend has had a bumpy start.  News has filtered out that some of the teams have been the targets of violence while returning to their hotels last night.  The result is that two members of the Force India team have flown home and the team has revised its schedule for the weekend to remove the need for team members to travel in the dark.  This led Force India to opt not to run in Free Practice 2 this afternoon, a move that could come at a high price come Sunday.

It is a great pity that violence of any kind should find its way into Formula 1 – or any sport for that matter.  The words, “We are only here to race” have been heard many times around the paddock and in press conferences in Bahrain over the last few days and indeed that is all the teams are there to do.  That they should be subjected to fire-bombs and the like is extremely worrying and will lead many, including myself, to question whether it is worth racing in Bahrain while they try to solve their internal troubles.

In the midst of all this the drivers have been driving their cars around the Bahrain International Circuit, trying to concentrate on what they came to Bahrain to do, win a Formula 1 race.  Tomorrow all of the teams will have to direct their attention to getting their drivers as high up the starting grid as they can in qualifying and then onto achieving honours in Sunday’s race.  I certainly hope that nothing other than a bit of sand gets in the way of what is shaping up to be another cracking race!  This season is sure to be a historic one and one hopes it will be for all the right reasons.

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