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Believe It, It Is Here

March 15, 2012

Tomorrow it all begins.  The drivers will climb into their cockpits.  The engineers will man the pit walls.  The mechanics will grab hold of their tools and the spectators will find their seats.  The 2012 Formula 1 season will begin!

It feels as if everything this year has been building up to this moment.  I don’t think that my 2012 will truly have begun until the cars roll onto the circuit for free-practice 1 tomorrow.  Sure, we have had pre-season testing, the excitement of seeing the new cars that each team has come up with.  We have followed the stories of which driver is driving for which team and even which drivers are not driving at all.  We have tried to get our heads around the new rules and regulations that have come into being this season and tried to predict how they will affect the performances of our favourite teams.  But all of that is like sitting in a restaurant and smelling the food you ordered wafting over from the kitchen.  You want nothing more than to jump up and grab it!

Well in just a few hours our order will arrive and it will arrive in style!  There will be tyres squealing and rubber burning.  There will be hair-raising overtaking manoeuvres and spectacular crashes.  There will be enough action and drama to put the Mission Impossible  franchise to shame.  We will all spend the next 9 months following the teams and drivers that we love.  Revelling in their victories and lamenting their defeats.  We will spend the days and weeks after the race discussing and analysing the result and trying to make predictions for the races ahead.  We will live Formula 1!

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