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The New Crop

February 11, 2012


We have entered the testing phase of the 2012 season. The cars, or most of them, have taken to the track at Jerez to see how their creations match up against one another. The teams and the media are quick to announce the the fastest car and driver at the end of each day of testing, but the fact is that it is far too early for these accolades to mean anything at all. The only thing that we can confidently take away from the first set of tests is that this years crop of cars are not the most flashy, beautiful cars we have seen in recent years.


Most look as though they broke their noses in an unfortunate tumble down the stairs and the poor Ferrari looks like it came off second best in a bout against Tyson.

To be fair, the Lotus looks nearly as bad as the Ferrari but thankfully it has been dressed up in a gorgeous black and gold suit that harks back to the glory days of Lotus F1.


McLaren, on the other hand, appear to have forgotten that they were meant to update their car in preparation for the 2012 season. Their car is noticeably missing the misshapen front end that is common among its competitors. Perhaps McLaren have decided to give up the fight for the title in favour of being the prettiest car on the starting line.


As we make our way through the testing period we will no doubt see changes and updates to the cars as they seek to have the edge at the start of the season, and (hopefully) the rest of the teams will remember to reveal their cars before the first race in Melbourne! While these cars may not be the best looking machines all we can ask is that they perform on the track and give us the spectacle we as fans love.


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