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All Will Be Revealed

January 24, 2012

Two dates need to be added to your calendar if you haven’t already done so…! The 5th and 6th of February are going to be rather exciting days indeed.
At 18:00 South African time on the 5th Lotus Renault will be revealing their contender for the 2012 season. At 15:00 the next day we will get our first view of the Red Bull that will be hoping to be the car to beat for the 3rd season in a row.
Now normally these two days would be about as exciting as the sight of a rather plain birthday cake being placed in front of you. But on this occasion it is comparable to seeing the space shuttle taking off…in your back garden…on the first manned mission to Mars! The reason is that these two cars will be revealed to the world online, so we will all have the opportunity to see it!
Now, it may seem that I am overreacting and, to be honest, I probably am. This is not the first time a new F1 car is being revealed online nor are we expecting something dramatically revolutionary like a hovering vehicle. However, the revelation of these cars marks the start of the F1 season for me, and that’s worth getting excited about…

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